Jobs I would pay for

I recently saw a job advertisement for a Girl Friday. The lady was advertising her services as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ willing to run errands, get stuff done, etc.

I thought, “Amazing, I would absolutely pay someone to do my running around for me!”

And these are the kinds of jobs I would pay for:

Switching phones: I cannot bear to switch phones. I’m on Android and I back up with Google etc, so in theory I know Google has made all of this easy, but for some reason something always goes wrong and I spend many more hours changing over than I want to spend. I’m due for a phone change now. I can’t do it. I just … can’t.

Collecting my parcels: I do lots of online shopping. It’s my guilty secret (well, not really a secret because Hubby and Kids know this is my habit), but there’s always something I find on Amazon that I just need to have. So, I order and they come, but I have to move mountains to get over to DotCom Zambia to collect — partly disorganisation, partly laziness. Yes, I know they deliver, which is great, we can go that way.

I also order certain groceries from local small-scale farmers (I really try to support these efforts). I typically buy things in bulk: rice, honey, fish and I special-order seafood every couple of months. It’s not always convenient to do the collections. Girl Friday, please come through?

Banking: if it can’t be done electronically these days, it won’t get done. Earlier this year I entered a half marathon. Their e-payment system was down. If Hubby hadn’t offered to submit my payment in person and pick up my race packet, I would never have run that race.

One thing I wouldn’t pay anyone to do: grocery shopping. I love strolling the aisles and letting my mind conjure up recipes. I love planning family meals that way. It’s therapeutic and … I just love shopping!

I think this Girl Friday lady is onto something. There’s that expression going around: we all have the same 24 hours. It basically means there’s no excuses for not achieving our goals and dreams, in the time you have. No, turns out we don’t. Buying yourself time can actually help you achieve more – so, sure, I would pay to have someone pick up a couple of things and help me free up some time.

This is where to find her, if you need to buy yourself some time. Girl Friday.


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