Spring is gorgeous everywhere in the world. But countries that have the jacaranda tree are gifted with something special when those purple blooms open and submerge their branches in clumps of violet brilliance.


I love jacaranda trees. This time of the year is my favourite for that reason. Lusaka is not a beautiful city, but the jacaranda trees give the city a lift with lilac drops dotted around the city among the browns and greens. The colonialists who designed old Lusaka didn’t plant the trees as strategically as they did in other cities like Harare, where entire streets are canopied by jacaranda blooms, but we still have their beauty among us.


There’s a school in Lusaka surrounded and populated by jacaranda trees. The school is, fittingly, called Jacaranda Primary School; my husband attended it for most of his early schooling.

In this post, I celebrate the jacaranda with my favourite shots of the purple season.




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