Olive oil & lemon detox

O. M. G. Another detox? Wow.

I try to keep healthy. We all do, but detoxing is not something I’m religious about (my consumption of coffee and wine is normal but very required). I realise the importance of regular and effective bowel movements in keeping one’s body clear of toxins and promoting overall good health. So, I did my first detox in a long time last year (read: the Umoyo Detox) and was ready for another. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money doing the detox, so I looked for alternatives to my previous one. And if I’m being honest, I wanted a shorter, easier route.

I found several ‘detox’ diets, liver cleansing methods and colon flushes; there is no shortage of detox methods. I researched a few — my basic requirements were to focus on the colon and to be able to eat soon after the detox.

I chose Dr Budweiser’s olive oil and lemon detox which is an intense colon cleanser. Oh. My. God.

I liked the method because it was simple: drink 4oz olive or coconut oil and chase it with 2oz fresh lemon juice. Wait 15 minutes. Repeat. Lay down on your right side for one hour. He recommends doing twice a year (in fact, Umoyo do so, too).

I did mine at night because I knew there’d be no way I could lie down for an hour without falling asleep. My plan was to eat light after taking the liquids — raw veg and fruit for a day or so.

olive-oil-bottle-png-image1.pngI expected it to be instant, but by mid-morning the next morning, I hadn’t had a bowel movement, though I drank lots of water (and couldn’t resist a wee coffee!) By early afternoon, nothing had changed. That was Day 1. Day 2 was awful. I woke up at about 6am with strong stomach cramps and desperate to be in the bathroom. Everything I had ever eaten came out. When I emerged, I was weak and hot. The feelings reminded me of diarrhoea. I fell back into bed and slept for another hour and half.

Throughout the rest of the day, there were lots of trips to the bathroom, but the severity had eased. I continued drinking lots of water and eating light, though I didn’t have an appetite. By Day 3, my system seemed to be clear. I definitely didn’t feel clogged up like before and there were other indications that my colon was clearer (not very palatable descriptions so I’ll spare you, dear reader).

I’d be careful in recommending it to anyone else, though. It’s rough on the body at the beginning and, in general, these things should be done with medical advice. But it’s quick, relatively cheap (in Zambia olive oil will run about K80 for 400ml, lemons are plentiful and sometimes free!). I’m not sure I would do it again, either, though it might be easier on my system a second time. In the meantime, I’ll continue eating raw veg and fruit as often as I do, drinking lots of water, watching my fats and sugars, and enjoying my wine and coffee!

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