Black Panther! Black Panther!

The Black Panther movie is coming out in one week, y’all!! Woohooooo!! I, personally, have been waiting for this movie for a while. Like a while, while. Just like so many other folks out there.

black panther

I really started paying attention to the comic book world about ten years ago (coincidentally, my husband started talking comics to me right about then….) Yes, yes, he introduced me, and I have to say, it was one of the best things I’ve ever met! I particularly like the Marvel world, though I’ve come to like certain DC characters (only sticking to the most popular ones here).


Film is my world. I love movies. Many people hate the superhero movies, but I think they are such an incredible vehicle for storytelling and bringing to life this world that has been a refuge for countless souls, a world that so many people love. The reason I enjoy the comic book heroes is because they’re (generally) flawed but intelligent or gifted people who have been changed in some way to do something extraordinary. There’s a lesson in there for all of us. We see heroes every day, but the comic book world helps us really celebrate that.


The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is a joy to me, but Black Panther really speaks to me. His appearance in Captain America: Civil War was unforgettable, but this movie coming out next week will be epic. Wakanda is a fictional world with fictional culture, fictional attire, fictional tech, fictional accents, but it is populated by people who look like me, and it makes one wonder, “What would Africa have been like without the white people interfering in our affairs?”

iron man

Of course, we will never know, and if that could be a reality, perhaps we might be disappointed with the result.

But I love that Wakanda allows us to dream and feel validated in our race, feel hopeful and be encouraged by the is strength that is Black.

Before this Black Panther movie, the animated series told amazing stories about the fictional world of Wakanda (waiting to see if our current movie will have pulled from that series at all), and celebrates African-ness. I love it.

I love this fearless army corps of women whose mission is to fight for their King. The nation entrusts its security to women. Love, love this. The fact that there is actually historical evidence of this blows my mind in so many ways and I want to tell the whole world (the female soldiers were named the Mino or Gbeto and were from a region called Dahomey, which is modern-day Benin). @zilevandamme has a Twitter thread on it here, but the story is already on course for a movie.

My kids, who already love Black Panther from the Captain America movie and the animated series, will see and enjoy this movie, but isn’t it incredible that to them; a black superhero is just that – a superhero? It doesn’t represent any more than that. This is the world in which they live and it’s the norm. My kids have seen an amazing Wonder Woman and Black Panther in two years. This is their norm. And it’s great. (They’re too young for Blade, but that time will come).

So, I am eagerly waiting for this release. There’ll be parties everywhere, but the main party is the one I’ll have with myself and my stupid smile celebrating awesome black on a big movie screen. Yay!!

#WakandaForever  #Blackisbeautiful


Black Nerd Problems: I follow them on Twitter and this post has had me howling for days! I keep reading it.


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