Dipping our feet in the Indian Ocean

My family and I took a trip to Zanzibar in December. It had been a long year and we were so looking forward to this trip. Not just the usual things we enjoy about a holiday — food, drink, relaxation — but to be in an atmosphere different to our usual haunts and to let 2017, which had left us a bit ragged, wash away.
It was well worth the trip.
We flew Ethiopian Airlines from Lusaka and stayed in Nungwi, at the Doubletree Hilton Resort.
Our days were long and lazy and just what we (being our very own self-proclaimed doctors) ordered.

Memories of the sparkling, white beach and turquoise water are seared in my mind. The air was cool and fresh; the sun warm, making my skin tingle. For me, perfection. All the Zanzibari folk had large smiles that lit up their faces, and made me feel welcome each time.
Holidays, for me, are about food, drink and fun. We had plenty of that in Nungwi. Though we chose to have breakfast and dinner at the hotel, we were free to explore other spots on the island for lunch, drinks and snacks. Gerry’s Bar, next to the Doubletree, served us well-seasoned delicious lunches with the freshest seafood. The kids’ burgers were also top-notch. Their drinks were cheap and plentiful, and their atmosphere made it hard to leave each day.

I grew used to waking up with a view of the Indian Ocean each morning. I was sad to leave the island.

It was great for my family — bonding, new experiences and new memories.

We dipped our feet in the Indian Ocean and left a piece of ourselves on that island. We’ll be back…

Here are a few shots of our time there:

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